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The world is reflected in each of us.

These reflections affect all the five senses given us by nature.

Perceiving and analyzing these impressions each of us makes decisions on further actions – to   give a yawn, to forget, to keep in memory and so on. And such human actions become a part of the world reflecting in everyone.

A watercolour technique is based on the changes of the light reflected from a paper and passing through the thinnest layers of transparent paints.

It is impossible to refrain from a temptation: to depict the most impressive reflections of the world by means of watercolor reflections.

 That is why I have chosen the Art of Watercolour as a mean of communication with the audience.

There is a common opinion that watercolour pictures are shortlived, but it is untrue.

If watercolor pictures painted on a professional paper with high-quality paints and put under protecting glass they are more durable than oil paintings on canvas.

The today’s professional paper for watercolors is neither subject to parasites, nor yellow from old age, nor crazes, nor crumbles.

Colors of many old artists’ watercolors are still fresh and bright, and paper on that they are created is still white.

There are very many old watercolors pictures in ancient castles of England. But they   still hang on the walls ever since the 18th century not ceding to time and to sunlight.


I believe that not sharing the beauty which is around us, all of the World is going to be just vicious misunderstanding. 


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Have enjoy!