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About Artist

Born on 07/05/1959 at Bogoduhov city, Harkivska region. Live and work at Kiev.


Awarded by “GOLDEN EAGLE” at the International Exhibition of pictorial art “The Flowering Spring”, New York, USA, ASA Art Gallery, 02-26/03/2011. Nomination: impressionism, competitive works: “One on one with narcissuses”, The “City in the apricot flowering”.


International Exhibitions-Competition of modern art “ArtWeek in Bulgaria”  of  art” 28/03/2011 – 03/04/201, nomination: Watercolor,

1st place – competitive work: serial “Marine smiles of Kiev”: “In the rhythm of transparent October “, “Marine smile of summer lake”, “Hieroglyph of shining autumn”.

2nd place – competitive work: serial “Kiev’s landscapes”:

“The lights of night avenue”, “Night specter of South bridge”, “After the Snowstorm”.


International competition of pictorial “ArtWeek in Russia” , center of modern art М'АРС”, 17-22/05/2011. Nomination: watercolor.

3rd place – competitive work: “Antre. Koktebelian Seagulls” 

First exhibitions pf portal Arts.in.ua, gallery of Fund of assistance of developing arts, Kiev, Frolovska str. 1/6. 22/09-06-10.2011

International Exhibition-competition Art Weeks in Berlin. Russian Center of Culture and Science (Friedrichstraße 176-179, Berlin),

01 – 12/02/2012, nomination : Watercolor.

3rd  place – competitive work : «Drink!»


Winner of competition VERNISAGE – 2011(Gallery art-salom.ru, Moscow).

20 of march 2012. Competitive work “Heart of Kiev. Sofievska square”).


International exhibition-competition of modern art “ArtWeek in Ukraine”

16-28/05/2012, nomination: Watercolor

1st  place  work: "Heart of Kiev. Sofievska square "

2nd place work: "Lard, bread and other"

3rd  place  work: "Under sweet sun. Luspy Bay. Crimea"


International Exhibition-competition of modern art “ArtWeek in Saint-Petersburg”

05-11 of July 2012, nomination : watercolor classic painting

1st place – work: " Under sweet sun. Luspy Bay. Crimea "


International Exhibition-competition "Art Weeks in Italy"

September 2012 at Rocca Malatestiana Fano:

- 2nd  place in nomination New;

- 2nd place in nomination Portrait


VI International Exhibition-competition of modern art " Ukrainian Art Week "

02 -11 of November 2012, nomination: watercolor - 3rd place - work "Portrait of September surf"


Participation in  the project Canvas&Page " SPRING! WELCOME " from the cycle "SPRING IMPRESSIONS... FROM Carpathian mountains to Crimea ", House of Nature, from 19th  till  31st March 2013